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If you’ve tried all the fun indoor activities and games you can think of, but your kids still pretend to be bored, it’s time to try these puzzle games for kids. These games, featuring a 3D puzzle, math challenge and more, will keep them busy for hours while testing their problem-solving skills and helping to develop hand-eye coordination.

On this list, we’ve included simple puzzle games for toddlers and kids that will test basic spelling and math, and more complicated puzzle games perfect for older kids and the whole family. And the best part? All of these puzzle games for kids are under $30.

Here are our favorite puzzle games for kids.

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Smart Egg Space Capsule Puzzle

Ideal for ages 8 and up, this egg puzzle helps develop spatial awareness, problem solving and hand-eye coordination.

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wooden name puzzle

This simple puzzle, designed for toddlers and young children, will help them learn to recognize the letters in their name and serve as a fun decoration for their room.

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Sequence for the children’s game

This game for ages 3+ helps develop logical thinking and strategy. Players match an animal card from their hand with a matching image on the board and place a token on that space. The first with four chips in a row wins!

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Match It!® Spelling Puzzle Game

This matching game will help young children learn basic spelling by putting together a simple puzzle. The kit comes with 20 puzzle games and the pieces are durable enough to withstand toddlers.

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Labyrinth Puzzle

These triangular mazes may seem simple, but even adults will enjoy trying to solve these puzzles. Children’s problem-solving skills will benefit from sitting down with this book. Be sure to arm them with a good eraser.

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Match It!® Math Puzzle Game

This math puzzle will help kids learn basic math skills using shapes that correspond to numbers.

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Q-bit game

This puzzle game, designed for older children, tests problem-solving skills, speed and brain power. Draw a card, then try to recreate the shape using painted cubes.

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Rainforest research and discovery puzzle

Kids can get acquainted with a variety of rainforest animals by completing this 64-piece jigsaw puzzle.

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Rubik’s Flip

The Rubik’s Flip is a cross between the Tic-Tac-Toe and the original Rubik’s Cube. Two players compete to line up three tiles of the same color. Ideal for ages 7 and up.

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Doodle Dogs and Other Mixed Breeds

Have fun with the whole family with this 500 piece dog puzzle featuring your favorite mixed breeds.

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