Best space and astronomy puzzles, 2022

Space and astronomy remain popular topics for toys and games, and this is particularly evident in the range of space and astronomy puzzles created for children and adults.

Exciting images of space-walking astronauts, spiral galaxies and the planets of our solar system make great puzzle graphics for kids, while deep-sky views of stars and distant galaxies against the darkness of space create a real challenge for adults when dealing with 1,000 or 1,500 piece puzzles.

Below is a list of some of the best space and astronomy puzzles available to buy online, for kids and adults.

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Space puzzles for kids

Discovery Space Puzzle

Easy for young children

48 pieces

This 48-piece jigsaw puzzle of cartoon astronauts, rockets, space shuttles, telescopes, aliens, planets and man-made satellites contains just about everything young children might associate with space and science. astronomy! A range of different bright colors and a low number of parts make it a good option for kids around 4 years old who are interested in spaceflight and stargazing.

With just 48 pieces, it’s relatively easy to keep track of all the pieces of this puzzle, and it should be simple for kids to complete, perhaps encouraging young puzzle-builders to try something a little more challenging. .

Space solar system puzzle

An enriching challenge for children

space solar system puzzle

150 pieces

This 150 piece set could be the next step for a young puzzler who has just completed their first puzzle. A circular puzzle, it features the Sun at the center along with the planets of the solar system and the asteroid belt orbiting around it.

And because it contains easily recognizable bodies from the solar system, this puzzle makes a great teaching tool for teaching kids about planet Earth’s neighbors and how our cosmic neighborhood fits together. Plus, the coins come in a pretty cool cardboard box with cartoonish space designs.

Space Puzzle

space kids puzzle

50 pieces

A simple 50 piece puzzle featuring cartoon astronauts, a red rocket and the planets of the solar system in the background.

Usborne Book and Puzzle: The Solar System

Ideal for educating young astronomers

usborne solar system puzzle

200 pieces

Having been published by renowned children’s publisher Usborne, it’s no surprise that this solar system puzzle also includes a fold-out book (which is actually sort of an 8-page double-sided poster). The “book” contains facts about the planets of the solar system and their moons, features like the Kuiper belt and the asteroid belt, dwarf planets and, as a nice touch, the many robotic spacecraft sent by the humanity to explore our cosmic backyard. The puzzle itself also contains annotations for planets, moons and spacecraft, making it a good educational tool for home or in the classroom.

Ravensburger: The Planets

ravensburger smash the planets

100 pieces

Any puzzler worth its salt will know the Ravensburger brand. It is one of the best known producers of puzzles for children and adults. This 100 piece offering features an exciting and realistic illustration of the planets of the solar system,

Galt Space Giant Floor Puzzle

Creative fun for toddlers

galt giant floor puzzle space

30 pieces

We couldn’t have a list of space puzzles for kids and not include a giant floor puzzle! Anyone who had a floor puzzle as a child will have fond memories of building one in the living room on Christmas Day or at a birthday party. The puzzle contains 8 different model pieces which are cut out in the shape of the planet, rocket or astronaut they are supposed to represent.

More like this

Space puzzles for adults

Science Museum Impossible Space Puzzle

Properly difficult

science museum impossible space puzzle

1,000 pieces

Let’s start our adult selection of space puzzles with a bang, shall we? ! A prime example of how deep-sky images can create incredibly challenging patterns is this “impossible” puzzle from the Science Museum, showing a bright star-forming region dotted with stars.

moon puzzle

The most compact

The moon puzzle

100 pieces

It may only be 100 pieces, but it’s definitely an adult jigsaw puzzle. This circular puzzle measures 75cm in diameter when completed and depicts the near side of the Moon as we see it from Earth. The relative homogeneity of the lunar surface makes this perhaps a little difficult for young children to achieve, but with a little help from adults it could become an interesting lesson about the surface of the Moon, the lunar maria and why we only see one side of the Moon. When finished, it will fit perfectly in a square frame mounted on your living room wall.

Star Wars Death Star Jigsaw Puzzle

Two puzzles in one

star wars death star puzzle

1,000 pieces

This double-sided puzzle features the Death Star under construction, with a photo-realistic version on one side and a blueprint diagram on the other side. The good thing about this is that the puzzle can actually be completed twice, making it two puzzles in one. This Death Star puzzle also comes with a poster that can be used as a visual reference guide. Much like the NASA Moon puzzle above, this one could prove to be particularly tricky.

Ravensburger map of the universe

A real challenge

Ravensburger map of the universe

1,500 pieces

Piece together the entire universe bit by bit as some kind of all-powerful deity, with this challenging puzzle from the giants of the Ravensburger estate. The predominance of the black color and the intricate starry details make this a tricky puzzle to complete, but once you’ve done it the result is a magnificent view of the observable universe, with interesting facts and information to make all a little more digestible.

Haynes Apollo Lunar Rover Jigsaw Puzzle

jigsaw puzzle haynes apollo lunar rover

1,000 pieces

Anyone familiar with the Haynes manuals will know how they have grown in recent years, from helpful guides to common vehicle repairs, to fun reference points covering everything from our own galaxy’s entirety to the Great Collider of hadrons, or even fictional spaceships from the Star Wars franchise. This puzzle focuses on the Apollo Lunar Rover which allowed astronauts to roam the surface of the Moon.

EuroGraphics Solar System Puzzle

eurographics solar system puzzle

1,000 pieces

This wonderfully artistic panoramic puzzle depicts the planets of the solar system along with some of their largest moons and 4 dwarf planets. We love the cartoon-style framing of the different worlds of the solar system, and how the competing puzzle creates a perfectly frameable panorama.

Blazing Starbirth Jigsaw Tapestry Puzzle

Tapestry of Blazing Starbirth

1,000 pieces

This puzzle features a stunning Hubble Space Telescope image of NGC 2014 and NGC 2020, two nebulae that are part of a star forming region in the Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of our own Milky Way.

Ridley’s Star Map

ridleys star map puzzle

1,000 pieces

This circular map of the night sky features over 30 constellations, with star patterns and mythological illustrations. It comes in a decorated cardboard tube, which makes it easy to transport and store.