Awesome puzzles for all ages

Working on a puzzle is both entertaining, meditative and friendly. Puzzles can provide a good point of concentration, whether you’re relaxing alone or spending time with loved ones. You can actively put together a puzzle while maintaining a lively conversation or listening to music or podcasts. Puzzles are also designed to suit different interests. Whatever you do, there is a puzzle for you. Here are some of our favorites currently available for kids and adults.

The pieces that make up this London bus puzzle fit together so well that they ‘click’ when properly attached. Ravensburger is a trusted brand that has been making puzzles for over a century, and that expertise shows in this 3D take on a classic puzzle. It has 216 pieces, so it’s quite challenging, but won’t make your kids frustrated.

Robotime 3D Puzzle Music Box Wooden Craft Kit Robot Machinarium Toy with Light

This robot’s name is Orpheus, and if you build it correctly, it will sing, move, and light up. The pieces are made of laser cut wood and fit together around an LED with on/off switch. This is a 221 piece jigsaw puzzle that can amaze children and adults alike. The finished robot sings a soulful melody called “Cycle of Happiness”, which you can make it sing using a crank. As he sings, his gears and body spin in a spellbinding rhythm.

Puzzle Ravensburger Curse of the Wolves

Here’s another imaginative puzzle from the pros at Ravensburger. This one is unique in that the pieces fit together in multiple ways, giving you clues to solve a mystery. But who will solve it first? This narrative element adds fun and friendly competition to the assembly process. This puzzle is tougher than the medium option with 759 pieces and is best suited for puzzlers ages 12 and up.

Wrebbit 3D - Game of Thrones Winterfell 3D Puzzle

This monstrous 910 piece 3D puzzle is sturdier than most as the pieces are partially made of foam. This allows them to fit together perfectly, ensuring that your castle will stay strong. For ages 14 and up, this would make a great gift for anyone game of thrones fanatic for a challenge.

WREBBIT 3D - Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall 3D Puzzle

This awesome puzzle from WREBBIT features 850 foam pieces that fit together to bring the magic to life. Assembling this great hall of Hogwarts is no mean feat, but if you throw in a Harry Potter audiobook and dig in as a family, the results will be satisfying. It’s best for Harry Potter fans ages 14 and up.