Best Puzzles For Adults 2020 – Puzzles That Will Keep You Busy

Khadija Horton

My friends, I think it’s time to stop letting the kids have fun. If you like the taste of applesauce, eat it. If you want to wear overalls every day, do it. And if putting together the best puzzles helps you relax, have fun, man.

Remember when we were younger and creating all those sweet, sweet memories by solving puzzles on the living room floor? Soothing, right? Nothing can replicate the joy of finding THE piece that started the whole connecting piece domino. Nothing, I tell you!

So, to fill some of our free time (and test your patience), we’ve been looking for a bunch of brain teasers that will give your brain the ultimate workout. Grab a tall glass of wine, a bowl of snacks (or a bowl of wine and a glass of snacks. Who am I to judge?) and one of the best jigsaw puzzles for adults, below.

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Best decorative puzzle

Clear the puzzle

Um, this one is borderline torture device that will seriously make you want to scream. But, we can’t say no, because the transparent pieces will also look pretty sitting on the coffee table.


Best TV show themed puzzle

Golden Girls 1000 Piece Puzzle

I challenge you to name a better show. No, that doesn’t happen. So go ahead and honor the team with this lovely puzzle.


Best Breast Appreciation Puzzle


Alright, so any puzzle can become art if you frame it. But wouldn’t it look amazing on your gallery wall? The answer is yes.


Best scene in Paris

Galison Michael Storrings Paris 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

His. So. Pretty. Assemble this puzzle and discover your new favorite work of art.


Best HERstory Focused Puzzle

1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle “Nevertheless, she persisted”

Take stock of some of the world’s most badass women with this box of 1,000 pieces.


Best Fantasy Art Deco Jigsaw Puzzle

Imperial Hotel Peacock Rug 500 Piece Aluminum Jigsaw Puzzle

The pieces of this peacock design have faux gold foil. You have never looked so rich.


Best really, really hard puzzle

gradient puzzle

Since so many of his pieces look exactly alike, this one is quite a challenge.


Ideal for puppy lovers

Ravensburger Dogs Galore Jigsaw Puzzle

The only thing that would make this 1,000 piece puzzle more perfect is if all the dogs came to life after it was finished. Could someone invent this?


Best fruity puzzle


Who says puzzles have to be whimsical and artistic? This is a beautiful bowl from Froot Loops. The end.


Best puzzle that comes in a throat box

Rainbow hand jigsaw puzzle

If you’re not really sure you can put a puzzle together, get yourself an equally beautiful puzzle box.


Ideal when you want to paint but can’t paint

Galison Andy Warhol Flowers

It’s basically the same thing, right? Yes. Go ahead and buy this beret.


Great for indoor parties

Puzzle in the shape of lips

Anyone else weirdly excited about this puzzle?


Ideal if you want to bring the outside world in

Twilight Puzzle

This one is so gorgeous that I could finish it, take a picture of my work, and photograph myself in it.


Ideal for cool cats

Japanese Cats by Utagawa Kuniyoshi

While all of the speech bubbles for the little kittens are in Japanese, we’re sure they all say “zzzzz.”


Best two-for-one puzzle

Can of Galison Andy Warhol soup

It’s double sided! Double the sides, double the fun.


Best abstract situation

Patterned Puzzle

Is it harder to put together an abstract puzzle than something simpler? May be. Either way, this one is bright and fun, and who doesn’t love that? WHO?!


Ideal for those who miss the holidays

Small Puzzle Thing Mini Puzzle

If you don’t like to dance and have fun, this is not for you. For everyone else, round this guy up while listening to Panic! at Disco or The Bee Gees or Lady Gaga. Choose your own adventure.


Best if you like sweets

Small Puzzle Thing Mini Puzzle

Don’t be mad if this triggers a serious gummy bear craving. I’m already drooling.


Best mini-puzzle

Small Puzzle Thing Mini Puzzle

This puzzle might confuse you. Eh eh. I will leave now.


real art

Jiggy Theater District

This set comes with glue so you can keep your masterpiece forever.

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