Chronicle Books reveals new LEGO Classic Space and mysterious puzzles

Chronicle Books has revealed a pair of new LEGO puzzles for the space-loving builder in your life and minifigure and mystery fans.

The first of these new puzzles is called Space Stars and, in case it wasn’t clear by name, it’s based on the intergalactic theme of colorful astronauts that the builders lovingly ended up naming Classic Space. At 1,000 pieces, it’s by far the larger of the two recently revealed puzzles.

In the foreground are eight minifigures spanning nearly every color of the rainbow and beyond, each adorned with their signature simple smile. Aft of them stand two ships that will undoubtedly be recognizable to classic space-loving builders – 497 Galaxy Explorer and 6980 Galaxy Commander.

The second puzzle in this new pair is much smaller at just 126 pieces, but there’s a very good reason for that. Looking at the box art, it’s clear that this is no ordinary puzzle unless it has a very unique design. The twist with this is that one of the six minifigures will be the design inside, and you won’t know which one you have until you have a good way to build it.

This blind boxed puzzle features fan-favorite figures like Flower Pot Girl, Hot Dog Man, Unicorn Girl, and Shark Suit Guy. However, there are two more that are yet to be revealed that you may be able to unbox.

You can expect to find the new puzzles on shelves and online when they launch. Space Stars will be available on November 2 while Mystery Minifigure puzzles will be released on September 14.

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