Eight great locally made puzzles for when boredom strikes (again)

We’ve already spent way too much time scrolling through our streaming queues over the past couple of years, so just settling in for a TV stint has lost some of its shine. And, there is also the fact that our daily lives are pretty well dominated by screens anyway. From waking up and checking the weather/news/Instagram, to preparing for our days by staring at a computer from nine to five, sitting on the toilet watching TikToks and cooking the recipes we watch on iPads, it’s no wonder we’ve had screen fatigue. So put down that remote and treat yourself to another way to kill time: a puzzle. Yes, it’s time to go analog.

For many of us, 2020 has been the year of hobbies and activities at home. So, there’s no doubt that you already have a puzzle or two lying around, which means you need some new puzzle skills. Or, you may have bucked the recent trend, only to now realize that you’ve missed out on wholesome and enigmatic moments. Either way, we’re here to help.

Here are our eight puzzle picks for the next time boredom hits like a ton of bricks — whether you’ve only got a few free hours, are having some lonely time, or feel like you’ve been watching all streaming series to watch.



Bring the beach into your living room with these serene coastal scenes in puzzle form. Australia Unseen’s Vincent Rommelaere takes photos of Australian beaches and rock pools and usually sells them as prints on his website. But in 2020, as iso-life became the new norm, Rommelaere started turning some of his shots into puzzles. At the moment, it has seven different puzzles available as 1000 piece puzzles ($49).

If you love ocean pools, you can keep your fingers busy with a puzzle of Bondi’s famous icebergs. Otherwise, there are photos of the Coogee Beach Rainbow Path, the Bronte Baths and people sunbathing in Bondi. Or, if you’d rather look at Melbourne, you can opt for one of the city’s CBD skylines.

Shipping to Australia is $10 and international shipping is also available, cost and delivery time dependent on region. All in-stock puzzles ship from Sydney and you’ll get free shipping on orders over $100.

Buy through the Australia Unseen website.



Chances are at least one of your housemates has developed a fondness for puzzles in the past couple of years, and if so, a hurry from online puzzle company Okay Lady will be a winner. Think of it as the perfect “thank you for putting up with me” gift that benefits you as well.

Okay Lady puzzles champion Australian female illustrators and come in eco-friendly packaging – no plastic in sight. Artists also receive royalties on each sale, which we like to see. If you happen to live with your best friend, there’s a super cute 400-piece jigsaw puzzle from Queensland artist Sophie Beer that features two best friends and adorable puppies. Or, grab the Night Dancer puzzle, designed by artist Alice Lindstrom, for a truly vibrant piece of puzzle art.

All Okay Lady puzzles are $59, and each 400-piece design aims to be more of a mindful activity than a super-difficult, multi-day process. Delivery is free across Australia with orders dispatched from the Melbourne office every weekday, so expect around five to seven working days for your package to arrive. Can’t wait? Opt for express delivery for $15.

Buy through the Okay Lady website.



Have you always wanted to recreate a portrait of your adorable pooch? Of course, that’s why the Queensland-based company Smoochy Poochey exists. While the company lets you choose the type of custom puzzle you like, getting a puzzle featuring your pet’s cute little face is a clear winner.

Think of it this way: you’ve already spent so long looking at them because they’re so adorable, and you’ve well and truly engaged their faces in your memory in the process, so this should be the easiest puzzle. that you can do. have never done. And if you want to provide more than one photo for a single puzzle – as uploaded via the company’s website – you can. Simply upload multiple photos of Fido, Fluffy, Polly or Nemo and create a collage.

A number of sizes are available, ranging from a simple 30 piece puzzle suitable for children to challenging 1000 piece puzzles when you have hours and hours to kill. Prices range from $28.25 for the smallest puzzle and up to $59.95 for the largest. Delivery is via Australia Post, with a standard flat rate of $12.95 across Australia, or you can opt for express delivery for $16.

Buy through the Smoochy Poochey website.



You’ve done it: you’ve reached the peak of puzzle craze. You can’t get enough of the brain-tickling activity and want a steady rotation of puzzles landing at your doorstep. Enter: Puzzle Post – Australia’s premier puzzle subscription. Puzzle Post delivers a new puzzle to your door every month and takes your tastes into account. It is a service.

From the same minds behind book subscription service Bookabuy, the idea for this new venture came about after owners Chris and Mel Tantchev noticed something of a resurgence in the puzzle. Look around these pandemic days and you’ll notice those little pieces of cardboard have made a comeback. There are a bunch of themes in over 20 categories – including cats, nostalgia, flowers, Disney and food – ranging from easy puzzles (500 pieces) to more difficult puzzles over 1000 pieces. By answering a few quick questions at checkout, you’ll end up with a personalized puzzle just for you.

You can opt for a one-time puzzle delivery ($29) or arrange a three-, six-, or 12-month subscription, which will cost you between $87 and $348 upfront (or $29 per month). If every month is too frequent, you can also choose to have a new puzzle delivered to you every two or three months.

Subscribe via the Puzzle Post site.



Journey of Something is a women-founded, Australian-owned company dedicated to combining art with activities (read: beautiful puzzles, art kits and games). But, you’re here for the puzzles – not the other stuff – so we’ll go straight to that.

It stocks a bunch of puzzles, ranging from mini puzzles to 1000 piece beasts, all of which are designed by local artists. Order yourself a puzzle decorated with iconic women such as Dolly Parton, Frida Khalo and Malala Yousafzai – or, there’s a cute mini puzzle that’ll have you doing your daily affirmations in no time.

Puzzles range from $20 to $64, and Journey of Something also offers duo packs and a 12-month subscription. Shipping costs depend on the amount you buy – starting at $10 for a puzzle.

Buy through the Journey of Something website.




If you’re tired of piecing together rainforest scenes or if this 500-piece Monet jigsaw puzzle was just too easy, Melbourne street artist Rone has found the goods, releasing three of his original works of art. large-scale art (house wrecker, The dining room and The study) in the form of puzzles.

For those unaware, Rone normally creates large-scale artworks on the sides of nine-story buildings or in abandoned spaces across Melbourne. He is particularly known for his massive portraits which combine elements of beauty and ruin, as well as concepts of new and old. Since bursting onto the local scene in the early 2000s, her work has been shown in London, New York, San Francisco, Miami and Hong Kong. So he’s a bit of a big deal – and now you can build a work of his art in your living room.

Rone’s puzzles are reasonably priced at $64, considering his art prints sell for over $400. Each art-cum-puzzle is made up of 1000 pieces and includes enough detail for a challenging afternoon of jigsaw puzzles. Shipping to destinations across Melbourne costs $10.95, while it’s $14.89 for the rest of Australia. Tip: Buy two puzzles and you save shipping, thanks to Rone offering free shipping on orders over $100.

Buy through the Rone website.



Similar to the popular Australian Unseen puzzles, the photographer Dharma Bendersky and his gallery Salty Gallery have transformed his stunning shots of Sydney beaches into 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles. So if you miss sunny afternoons at the beach and just can’t get enough of creating intricate cardboard artwork, add these beauties to your cart.

There are currently four idyllic puzzles on offer, with a selection of spots. If you’re more of a fan of concrete-covered bays, Bedersky also plans to unveil more designs.

Each puzzle costs $59, includes free delivery across Australia, can be delivered internationally and is shipped in eco-friendly compostable bags.


Charles Conder, ‘Rainy Day’, 1888. Art gallery from NSW’s online art puzzle range.


We know, we know – we told you to turn off the screens. But these number puzzles are useful if you’re an absolute puzzle enthusiast who can’t wait for your next one to arrive in the mail, or if you’re a try-before-you-buy person. Either way, these art-filled gems are sure to fill many hours (and save you money).

First, the Art Gallery of NSW has killer online puzzles – seven to be exact – so you can digitally piece together masterpieces such as this one by E Phillips Fox. nasturtiums and Paul Cézanne Banks of the Marne. The Melbourne Museum also offers digital puzzles on its website, including those of fur seals, the Royal Exhibition Building and Phar Lap.

Or check out the National Library of Australia website to solve puzzles using its collection, featuring everything from Ellis Rowan art to Australian birds.

Head to the AGNSW, Melbourne Museum and National Library of Australia websites for free, no-holds-barred puzzling adventures.


Top image: Australia invisible

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