Five great locally made puzzles for when boredom strikes (again)

We’ve already spent way too much time scrolling through our streaming queues over the past couple of years, so just settling in for a TV stint has lost some of its shine. And, there is also the fact that our daily lives are pretty well dominated by screens anyway. From waking up and checking the weather/news/Instagram, to preparing for our days by staring at a computer from nine to five, sitting on the toilet watching TikToks and cooking the recipes we watch on iPads, it’s no wonder we’ve had screen fatigue. So put down that remote and treat yourself to another way to kill time: a puzzle. Yes, it’s time to go analog.

For many of us, 2020 and 2021 have been the years of hobbies and activities at home. So, there’s no doubt that you already have a puzzle or two lying around, which means you need some new puzzle skills. Or, you may have bucked the recent trend, only to now realize that you’ve missed out on wholesome and enigmatic moments. Either way, we’re here to help.

Here are our five puzzle picks for the next time boredom hits like a ton of bricks — whether you’ve only got a few hours off, are having some lonely time, or feel like you’ve been watching all streaming series to watch.



Made right here in Aotearoa, these locally designed and oh-so-chic puzzles not only offer a great way to fill your hours, but the result is pretty enough to frame and hang in your living room, bedroom or bathroom. Yay, no more iso projects! Whether you opt for flowers, artistic scenes or a map of Auckland’s volcanoes, each of these great puzzles available from Father Rabbit is designed by a notable Kiwi name or brand. If you’re a fan of a blooming floral scene, opt for this dusty pink scene from Blush Florist founder Kelly Karam, using her favorite blooms including heliconias, dahlias, zinnias, cones, basil and the scabiosa. Or if you’re a fashion darling, celebrate iconic New Zealand designer Juliette Hogan with this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle designed by the lady herself. All Lettuce puzzle pieces come in a classy cloth bag for safekeeping and the cardboard used for the puzzle and box is a mix of recycled and sustainably grown wood.

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Do you miss the world outside your home? Bring the beautiful landscape of Aotearoa into your living room with one of these puzzles designed by local illustrator Ross Murray. Our shot for those of us who miss the South Island is this colorful rendition of the iconic Church of the Good Shepherd against the backdrop of Lake Tekapo, yes, with beloved lupins firmly in season. Showcase puzzles are perfect for anyone trying to puzzle around homes with kids, pets, or rambunctious housemates – these plastic pieces hold the scene together without support so it can be picked up and moved around, and are water resistant, so don’t worry about spills. Puzzle in peace, people.

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These stunning 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles are perfect gifts for those who might be struggling with ISO – or just as a gift for yourself, of course. Each features the work of an aspiring New Zealand artist and $1 from each sale is donated to the Mental House Foundation. Are you a cocktail connoisseur? Do you try to Shaken not moved by New Zealand artist Nikki Astwood – as a bonus, every puzzle purchase comes with a free cocktail stirrer, so you can enjoy a Negroni while you work. Or if you dream for days on the beach after isolation is over, go for itr Oasis found by artist Bonnie Brown, which gives all the vibrancy of a summer beach vacation without any mixing or blending.

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We know, we know – we told you to turn off the screens. But these number puzzles are useful if you’re an absolute puzzle enthusiast who can’t wait for your next one to arrive in the mail, or if you’re a try-before-you-buy person. Either way, these art-filled gems are sure to fill many hours (and save you money).

First, Wellington’s Te Papa Museum offers killer online puzzles so you can digitally piece together masterpieces such as Gordon Walters’. Makaro or Roland Searle Group at a picnic. Or check out some online puzzles from our friends across the divide. The National Library of Australia website offers comprehensive online puzzles using its extensive art collection, ranging from the art of Ellis Rowan to Australian birds.

Head to the Te Papa and National Library of Australia websites for free puzzling adventures with no wait.


Jigsaw pieces

Lydia Talent


Ever wanted to make a puzzle with your dog’s face on it? Or your partner’s, or maybe even your own? (Hey, we’re not here to judge). Pathway Puzzles creates bespoke puzzles using any high quality photography you give them – you can choose from 30, 40 or 100 piece options. If you have to isolate yourself from a loved one, send them your face in 100 pieces and remind them that you love them. Or maybe race your partner to complete a puzzle of your respective faces – we’re not saying whoever finishes first clearly likes the other more, but we could also say that.

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Top image: Lettuce puzzles via the Father Rabbit website

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