Free Online Puzzles: The Best Puzzle Sites and Apps

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Brain teaser are a great way to pass the time while having fun. If you usually like classic puzzles but don’t have any at home, don’t worry: there are several websites and apps where you can access puzzles online. free. We’ll give you a quick rundown of some to check out.

Puzzle apps

Puzzle Games

the Puzzle features thousands of puzzles in a range of categories, including nature, art, animals, and more. Moreover, it has different difficulty levels ranging from 9 to 400 coins. Like a normal puzzle, you can rotate the pieces which makes the game even more complicated. It also gives you daily challenges with mysterious photos so you can compete with yourself and other players.

You can download it now for android and iOS.

Puzzle World

Puzzle World is another great option for puzzle fanatics. It has levels ranging from 9 to 225 coins, and it allows you to play in real-time multiplayer mode while recording your victories on a virtual leaderboard. It also supports 16 different languages.

This app is available for android and iOS

Animal puzzle for kids

Animal puzzle for kids is specially designed for your little ones and is full of recreational and educational games. It includes hundreds of illustrations of all kinds of animals (farm, jungle and pets) so that young boys and girls can learn while having fun.

You can download it here for android and iOS.

online puzzle

Jigsaw Explorer

puzzle explorer is a free online platform containing thousands of puzzles. Start by selecting the image and the number of pieces you want. You can make the game more difficult by rotating the pieces or hiding some of them, and you can even change the background. Placing the pieces is super easy, just click on the one you want to place and then click where you want it to fit. Another advantage is that there is hardly any advertising.

Planet Puzzle

Planet Puzzle is another interesting site for puzzle lovers. Not only does it have an impressive catalog of images, but it also has a timer that lets you race against other users.

i am a puzzle

i am a puzzle is a simple site for beginners with art puzzles. You can select stock photos from their site or upload your own, then choose the difficulty level (up to 40 pieces). You can then choose a game mode (swipe or change), and you can even decide the shape of the puzzle pieces.