I’m A Puzzle is an online collection of puzzles, with mobile versions coming soon

New game genres and concepts are constantly dreamed up, ensuring that the medium never becomes obsolete. But sometimes you don’t want innovation. You want the gaming equivalent of comfort food.

I’m A Puzzle, from Unwind Media, gives you that in big dollops, serving up an endless feast of captivating and timeless puzzles to solve.

There are tons of categories to browse on the I’m A Puzzle website, including animals, art, food, people, sports, nature, and more. Additionally, there is an Other category, which means virtually everything else in the universe is potentially included.

Moreover, the categories are nested, so if you click on Animals, for example, you will have the choice between Cats, Dogs, Horses, Insects and many others.

It will take you an age to work your way through all the puzzles I’m A Puzzle has to offer, not least because users can upload their own, creating an endless supply. Once you’ve created a puzzle, you can share it with friends or embed it in an email with just the click of a button or two.

There are several different ways to solve each puzzle, including five difficulty levels (easy to supreme).

You can also apply different styles. Classic is the simple puzzle format, while Holiday inserts holiday-themed shapes, and Stars creates a number of five-pointed objects to insert among the conventional puzzle pieces.

There are similar pet, Halloween, heart, leaf, and Christmas themed sets, but not all styles follow the same format.

Mystery obscures all but a small circle of the board, making it harder to find pieces, while Honeycomb takes another approach and makes life a little easier by cutting the board into handy hexagons.

You can play I’m A Puzzle puzzles right now in any browser you like. Mobile versions of the game are also in the works, so you’ll be able to play on the go when they land on the Google Play Store and App Store.

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