Jamaican Inspired Puzzles – Pieces of Home

Inspired by the beauty and culture of Jamaica, puzzle designer Shauna-Gaye Hart has developed puzzles to capture the beauty and vibrancy of Jamaica. The puzzles feature several common scenes encountered across the island captured in the first series she titled, Pieces of Home.

The initial series features photos taken by Hart and converted into puzzles. It includes a fishing village, Jamaica’s national fruit – the ackee, as well as fruit stalls commonly seen across the island. She noted that the collection will eventually expand and incorporate Jamaica’s beaches, rivers and other cultural elements.

Speaking in a TV interview about how the idea came about, Hart explained: “I love puzzles and I never realized we didn’t have Jamaican-inspired puzzles. One night I was going to bed and I couldn’t sleep. Hart said she had an “aha moment” and “as soon as it happened, I was on it, and that’s how the idea was born.”

Promoting the benefits and creativity of doing the puzzles, Hart noted, “There are a lot of benefits to doing the puzzles, it helps your mood and it’s good for your mental health. It is ideal for bonding, teamwork exercises and collaboration. It’s also good for family projects.

Puzzle pieces range from 100 to 500 pieces for beginners and advanced puzzle enthusiasts. Pieces are textured and designed to fit precisely and avoid reflections. Each box also includes a life-size poster. They are now available for purchase in stores across the island and online through the creator’s website, puzzlesbysg.com.