Jigsaw Explorer beats home isolation with multiplayer puzzles

DURHAM, North Carolina, August 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Puzzle Explorer (https://www.jigsawexplorer.com/), a leader in online puzzles, has announced the availability of its new multiplayer feature for all of its online puzzles. Jigsaw Explorer has been offering puzzles that can be played directly in the web browser for 10 years, but until now playing puzzles online has always been a solo activity. The new multiplayer feature allows friends and family to collaborate on assembling the same puzzle while connected over the Internet. The idea is similar to a family gathering around a cardboard puzzle at the kitchen table, but now the puzzle is online and people playing this puzzle can be in different places all over the world.

“Our web-based puzzles were already popular, but when the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders came into effect in the spring, it created new demand for these puzzles,” said Jigsaw Explorer founder and owner, Bob Flora. “We knew there was also a new need to allow friends and family to play these puzzles together over the internet as a way to socially connect and engage with each other at this time of life. There’s a lot less in-person interaction due to pandemic concerns, and that realization led us to immediately start working on a multiplayer feature for our puzzles.

Jigsaw Explorer provides all of its 7500 puzzles for free, including use of the new multiplayer feature. Players simply choose a puzzle topic they like and click the multiplayer button to switch the puzzle to multiplayer mode. The player then sees a web link that can be sent via email or social media to friends and family the player wishes to invite to help assemble the puzzle. When recipients receive the game link and click it, their web browser joins them to the game. Joined players can see the movements of all other players’ puzzle pieces on their screens. If players leave the puzzle unfinished, they can use the in-game link to come back to it later and complete it.

More information about Jigsaw Explorer’s multiplayer feature can be found on the Jigsaw Explorer website.

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