Nautilus Puzzles: Making Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults

As a kid, solving a puzzle seemed so fun!

The hours spent carefully sifting through hundreds of parts just to find a good part that fits, looking at the shape of the picture, first as a vague shape, and with each added part, the complete picture comes together, and finally the last piece!

The surge of excitement that comes just as the last piece is put in place, then steps back to observe the fine workmanship with childlike wonder and awe, as the puzzle is complete before the child’s eyes!

All before scattering everything to start over from the beginning!

But why was it fun?

Answer: Because there is no greater feeling in the world than when a puzzle is completed.

For humans, puzzles are a treat for our problem-solving brain!

Our love for puzzles stems from our natural curiosity and insatiable desire to put pieces together until they start to make sense.

Puzzles help bring out our inner Sherlock Holmes, activating the problem-solving areas of our brains, allowing our minds to feast on the thrill of the challenge!

As an adult, there are marked benefits to solving puzzles. They provide a familiar and safe way to engage your visual and tactile senses, and provide healthy mental problem-solving exercise.

Launched in 2018, Nautilus Puzzles is a startup that aims to give adults a chance to recreate the thrill of childhood by solving puzzles.

These puzzles are specially designed, laser-cut pieces designed for adults who want to relive the thrill of solving childhood puzzles, and adults who want to try something new, fun and interesting.

Creatively designed and crafted by a team of artists and puzzle enthusiasts working in San Luis Obispo, CA, these puzzles cover hundreds of images and settings, beautiful paintings, cut into pieces so you can assemble into one beautiful image.

Each puzzle is uniquely cut, with funky whimsical shapes, hints and teasers.

The “fantasy” shaped figurative pieces are inspired by hand-cut wooden puzzles from the Victorian era, not only reflecting the subject of the image, but also capturing the mood and style of the artwork. art of which the pieces themselves are simply a part.

All of this helps to make each puzzle challenging and fun to solve, and adds up to a satisfying experience that most never realized was possible by simply fitting the pieces of a puzzle together.

Cut using the latest laser technology, the puzzles are crafted from premium quality wood and inks, ensuring a lasting heirloom product designed to be passed down from one generation to the next, as part of the your family’s legacy.

For people looking to step back from their child and connect with their family for a screen-free pastime with these stress-relieving and mind-building puzzles.

Do not wait.

Head over to Nautilus Puzzles today and choose an adventure from the hundreds of options available, starting at $15.95 and something for everyone.