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Real-time tours in White Rock may not be an option right now, but the town’s tourism website, Explore White Rock, has come up with a fun new way for people to experience the local landscape: online puzzles.

Photos of popular White Rock scenes, including the pier, the beach, the waterfront sunset and the murals of the White Rock Playhouse and Russell Avenue Whale Wall, have been transformed into virtual puzzles to challenge residents and visitors.

“While our mandate is generally to promote White Rock to visitors, obviously with the world we currently live in, community visitation is not something we want to encourage,” said Mary Ann Bell, Head of the community for Explore White Rock. Peace Ark News.

“Puzzles are something I discovered while researching content ideas with a ‘stay at home’ twist,” she added.

“I thought this would be a great way to engage locals and visitors alike, and give them something fun to entertain them at home and hopefully inspire future travel plans to White Rock.”

Another advantage is that online puzzles avoid the mess of physical puzzles – and the ensuing heartache of misplacing a piece or upsetting a work in progress. The online version can be completed simply by clicking and dragging virtual pieces into place.

Each puzzle is offered as a simple, child-friendly 10-piece model or, for those who like a challenge, a 100-piece puzzle.

A single click on the picture puzzles on the website will turn each one into a collection of jumbled pieces – and the rest is up to the eye and skill of the puzzle solver.

Those who are absolutely stuck can return to the original image by clicking on a bar at the top of the design, and puzzle solvers have the option to “make things a little harder (or easier) by reloading the puzzle and changing the number of pieces in the settings,” the website notes. The settings allow users to create puzzles with as few as six pieces or more than 1,000.

Each puzzle can also be shared with friends, he adds. And if you’ve already completed them all, don’t despair – Bell said she plans to release a few more puzzles in the coming days.

Explore White Rock, sponsored by the city, generally provides information on what to do when visiting the city, the best places to eat and shop, and where to stay.

Under pandemic restrictions, Bell said, “(we have) shifted our focus to sharing more locally targeted information in an effort to support businesses in White Rock, such as restaurants offering takeout and businesses offering online services like yoga or arts. »

The puzzles can be found under “Blog” at the top of the site’s homepage, at
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