Puzzles by Banana Games

Jigsawscapes – Jigsaw Puzzles is a welcome and addictive puzzle game. You can download the puzzle game for your iPhone and iPad. You get over 7000 puzzles every day to train your brain and we add 20 new puzzles every day. Our puzzle game is designed for beginners and advanced players at the same time. Playing puzzles every day can help train your brain and help you relax. It’s good for your brain, logical thinking and memory. The puzzle game is a good time killer for all ages.

Jigsaw Puzzles – Classic Game has no missing pieces. There are over 7000 amazing puzzles. You can choose the difficulties of each puzzle by selecting the number of pieces. Our puzzle game looks like real puzzles. We offer many categories like animals, landscapes, food, etc. You can play the puzzle game online and offline.

Main characteristics
-No Missing Pieces: Complete each puzzle as you wish as there are no missing pieces.
-Daily Puzzle Challenge – Complete daily challenges and collect trophies.
-Categories: We offer many categories, including animals, food, landscapes, houses, plants, landmarks, etc. You can choose whatever you want.
-Choose the difficulty: Choose how to play your puzzle for each puzzle by choosing the number of pieces.
-Rotate mode: rotate the pieces to complete the puzzles
-My Puzzle Collection: Collect all the puzzles you have completed in one place.
– Success system: view the puzzles in progress and resume them whenever you want.
-Online and offline mode: our puzzle game does not require an internet connection. You can play without internet.
-HD images:All images are high definition and colorful. It is not only a puzzle but also a feast for your eyes.
– Custom background: Play puzzles with the background you like.
-Zoom in and zoom out: By zooming in and out, you can easily solve the puzzles.
-For children and adults: All puzzles are intended for children and adults at the same time.

Our puzzle game app has an intuitive interface, easy control, clear layout and well-balanced difficulty levels for beginners and advanced players. It is not only a good pastime, but also trains your brain and helps you relax.

The puzzle is a classic puzzle that people have been playing for hundreds of years. People love puzzles. Everyone should play puzzles for their mind and brain.

Take a look at the high definition images and you can play them online and offline. Putting all the pieces together is like doing magic. It’s so fun and relaxing. Wonderful and colorful time killer!

If you have an idea for our puzzle game, or have questions about Jigsaw and want to chat with us, please email us at [email protected] We are always here for you.

Download and play our fun puzzle game now!