Shanghai school moves mandatory swim test online, puzzling many

It may take a few turns for your brain to process this headline.

Shanghai University recently announced that it will hold its mandatory swimming test online; hilarity and pithy comments on the internet ensued.

The South China Morning Post reports how the university, located in the northern part of the city, is among the top universities in the region that require their students to master the art of swimming as it is considered an essential survival skill.

In light of the recent increase in COVID cases in the city, The insider continues to report how Shanghai University informed students of its decision to hold the compulsory swimming exam online for all those who had not yet taken it to “ensure that the graduation process goes smoothly smooth”.

However, since the swim test typically requires students to swim 50 meters (164 feet) in a pool, many have wondered how such an exam could possibly be completed online. Fortunately, where the University of Shanghai removes the swimming physical test, the Internet gives multiple humorous answers.

According to Yahoo! New, when news of the online swim test reached viral territory, many social media users began posting messages of themselves “swimming” in their bedrooms. One of these funny guys posted a video of himself “diving” in bed wearing a swimming cap and goggles.

‘Surf the net for answers to your online swim tests,’ jokes one commenter on a post to the “Not the Onion” subreddit.

“A friend of mine took PE online at Community College lol,” another added.

For the record, the Shanghai University online swimming exam that students were told to pass was something called “Basic Theory of Swimming”. Presumably, no glasses were needed.