The 10+ Best Puzzles 2022


Puzzles aren’t just for kids and grandmas anymore. During the pandemic, when indoor activities reigned supreme, puzzles grew in popularity and stylish options now abound. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful jigsaw puzzle that you can work on with the whole family (and frame afterwards) or you’re looking for a challenge, like a 500+ piece jigsaw puzzle, there’s something for everyone. Read on to shop!

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Ideal for fashion lovers

Sarah Flint x Wentworth wooden puzzles

Shoe designer Sarah Flint recently teamed up with The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company on a jigsaw puzzle that’s just perfect for the fashion lover in your life. The design, which is based on a painting by Flint, features several Wentworth signature whimsical puzzle pieces; look for a ballerina, a puppy, a teapot and, of course, a pair of shoes.

For the travel lover

Camont Puzzle

This puzzle with Rifle Paper Co.’s playful illustration of an 18th century farmhouse in Gascony, France, and the beautiful surrounding grounds, will have you traveling for a few hours (even if you never leave your living room).


Andy Warhol Shaped Mini Puzzles

If you’re here for puzzles for quite a while, but not long, check out these mini Warhol options. Designs include the famous portrait of Marilyn Monroe, a banana and an iconic soup can. At just 100 pieces, you’ll be polishing them in a snap.

For the PBS fan

Downton Abbey puzzles

Calling all Downton Abbey Fans! This 890-piece puzzle allows you to build the majestic English house in 3D.

For when you can’t get enough

Puzzle Club Membership

For a gift that keeps on giving, consider signing up your puzzle-loving BFF for a Jiggy Club membership. They will receive an exclusive 500 piece puzzle delivered to their doorstep once a month.

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A really hard


Don’t think too much about this Meta Puzzle, like in a puzzle of a woman doing a puzzle, it will make your head spin! But that’s what makes it the perfect gift for the extreme puzzler in your life.

Best to frame

Gray Malin Hawaii Beach Jigsaw Puzzle 500 Pieces 2 Sided

Renowned photographer Gray Malin has released a series of double-sided puzzles. With two puzzles for the price of one, you won’t want to take either of these great shots apart.

1,000 pieces

Gradient Puzzle Large

Ready for a challenge? Try this gradient puzzle in soothing blue and purple hues. With 1000 very similar pieces, this is for puzzle pros only.

Best shape puzzle

Rainbow hand puzzle

See the rainbow with this jigsaw puzzle from Jonathan Adler. This puzzle is so chic, you’ll never want to put it back in the box.

1,000 pieces

Puzzle Monet’s Bridge and Water Lilies

For any art lover, this puzzle will be a delight. Lose yourself in classic Monet painting, Bridge over a pond of water lilies, while you assemble it.

Ideal for families

little feminist

Go for girl power with this feminist puzzle. Featuring everyone from Gloria Steinem to Cleopatra, this is an especially fun puzzle for a mother-daughter duo.

If you’ve never found a puzzle to suit your particular tastes, create your own with a nifty DIY kit.

Ideal for families

World map family puzzle 1000 pieces

This vibrant world map is sure to be fun for the whole family. But be warned: at 1,000 coins, the kids are sure to need your help.

More fun

Golden Girls 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Behold: the novelty puzzle you didn’t know you needed. It’s the Golden Girls plus a stuffed alligator. Order it because, well, why not?

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