The best puzzles and where to buy them

Because we’re all stuck indoors with little to do, it’s time for the best puzzles to shine. They’re the perfect way to keep us entertained – there are billions of pieces, they take years to complete and are ideal for all age groups.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the retailers that still have the best puzzles in stock. With everything going on there, we could all do with the peace and quiet they provide. You will also find the lowest prices there.

Want more tabletop distractions? Be sure to check out our guide to best board games – it’s packed with more than a dozen hand-picked suggestions. It is worth investigating these board games for 2 players Where board games for children and families too. Just like puzzles, they are a great distraction for everyone.

Puzzles for adults

Want puzzles suitable for an older audience? You are spoiled for choice. There are countless examples from many reputable retailers. Many feature 1000 coins or more. We’ve listed some of the biggest online retailers with jigsaw puzzles in stock below.

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Puzzles for children

There are more than a few puzzles for children. Covering a huge range of topics, from Disney to outer space, it’s a dynamic marketplace with plenty of choice. Again, we’ve listed a few retailers below that still have stock.

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UK: | water stones | Etsy | eBay | Overstock

The best puzzles

There are more than a few puzzles, but some specials caught our eye because they’re a bit cheesy, cool, or just plain beautiful. We have listed them below.

best puzzles

(Image credit: Buffalo Games)

1. Star Wars Seek and Find: The Death Star

It’s a cool idea that’s ideal for a younger audience. Besides being full of life and character, it also has a ton of happy and enjoyable fan stories that unfold wherever you look. There’s Jar Jar Binks, who seems to have been arrested by the Storm Troopers. There’s Obi-Wan Kenobi, sneaking around like he did in A New Hope. There are Ewoks escaping from their cell through air vents. It’s simply Amusing, and you’ll appreciate its Wheres Waldo approach to the beloved Star Wars saga.

best puzzles

(Image credit: USAOPOLY)

2. The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Puzzle

While this puzzle is a little more subtle in terms of subject matter, it’s a thing of beauty that hits all the right notes for Zelda fans. It’s also a challenge thanks to the parchment effect – everything looks the same when split into pieces, so your skills will be tested.

Representing Hyrule through the ages, this puzzle tasks you with gathering Link’s playground, from Death Mountain to the Great Deku Tree. Honestly, this is the kind of thing I’d be very happy to frame on my wall once I’m done.

best puzzles

(Image credit: Ravensburger)

3. Disney Villainous Puzzle Range

We love the Disney Villainous board game, and one of its standout features would have to be the artwork. As such, it’s cool to see developer Ravensburger come up with a range of puzzles based on these eye-catching paintings. There are a few on offer, but our favorite might be Maleficent or Ursula.

best puzzles

(Image credit: Wrebbit)

4. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Great Hall

Few buildings in the movies are as iconic as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and you can recreate it with these puzzles. They’re not your average puzzle, though – they’re fully 3D, allowing you to have the likes of the Great Hall on your desk or shelf. As there are many different sets detailing different parts of Hogwarts, you can put them together to form the complete castle. It’s impressive in person.

There are fillers more where that came from too. The Knight Bus. The Hogwarts Express. Crossroad. The Burrow. Seriously, check out the full range of Harry Potter 3D puzzles – they’re awesome.

best puzzles

(Image credit: Paul Lamond Games)

5. Game of Thrones: Winterfell

Another impressive 3D puzzle, this miniature version of Winterfell from Game of Thrones – the home of the Stark family – is a sight to behold. It has over 400 rooms and is quite huge, stretching from tower to tower. It perfectly captures the austere vibe of the place and will look very cool on a shelf or desk. There’s even a mini Weirwood tree, if you look closely.

Do you want more ? You will find many other puzzles for sale in these stores:
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