The Herald launches new and improved online puzzles

It’s time to play with our new and improved interactive puzzles.

Whether you want to play on your device or with a printable version, The Herald has introduced new games to our fantastic puzzles section, including Jigsaw, Number Jig, Quick Crossword and more.

Herald subscribers have exclusive access to our puzzles section, and we’re adding over 50 every week.

As a subscriber, you’ll have access to The Herald’s fun and challenging puzzle section, updated daily with quizzes, crosswords, puzzles and more. There are sections for sudoku, general knowledge and sports, as well as a word wheel and a news quiz testing you on the latest news in the media.

There’s something for all ages and skill levels, whether you prefer a quick challenge or fiendish puzzle crossword puzzles that could take you all day to solve!

On the weekends there are extra features including the famous Wee Stinker crossword to give your brain cells a real workout, as well as chess and bridge sections, and once a month you can tackle the giant Clootie crossword puzzle.

Our puzzles section is exclusive to Herald subscribers, and we don’t want you to miss out on the fun. Subscribe today from £2 for two months for unlimited advertising experience with and instant access to our puzzles.

Check out our subscriber page to see which package is right for you and stay stuck.